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Pot of Gold Tournament

Pot of Gold 2019

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2019 Pot O Gold Tournament!

2019 POG Box Scores

2019 POG          
Howell Division Time Home Away  Pts.
  Pw A 5:40pm Sabers 1 Generals Black 4 2pts Generals Black
  18AA 7:00pm Team Swain 4 Raiders 0 2pts Team Swain
  16A 8:30pm Team Swain 8 Sabers 0 2pts Team Swain


Redbank Division Time Home Away Pts.
  Pw A 5:00pm Cranford 3 Generals Green 6 2pts Generals Green


18AA 6:30pm Mooseheads 1

Team Elite 6

2 pts Team Elite 6




Howell Division Time Home  Away Pts.
  Pw a 10:20am Cranford 3 Sabers 7 2pts Sabers
  Pw a 2:10pm Sabers 5 Generals Green 6 2pts Generals Green
  16 A 3:30pm Sabers 0 Raiders 5 2pts Raiders
  18AA 4:50pm Team Swain 4 Team Elite 3 2pts Team Swain


Redbank Division Time Home  Away  Pts.
  Pw A 7:15am Generals Green 2 Generals Black 11  2 pts Generals Black
  18AA 8:45am Mooseheads 2 Team Swain 5  2 pts Team Swain
  16A 10:15am Raiders 0 Team Swain 5  2 pts Team Swain
  18AA 11:45am Team Elite 3 Raiders 0  2 pts Team Elite
  PW A 3:00pm Cranford 2 Generals Black 5 2pts Generals Bllack
  18AA 4:30pm Mooseheads 1 Raiders 6 2pts Raiders



Howell Division Time Home  Away
Semi-Final 16A 8:50am Raiders 2 Move to Finals Sabers 1


Redbank Division Time Home  Away
Finals Pw A 8:45am Generals Black 6 CHAMPS Generals Green 2
Finals 18AA 10:15am Team Swain 2 Team Elite 4 CHAMPS
Finals 16A 11:45am Team Swain Raiders